13 Best Car Care Products Made in Pakistan

Best car care products in Pakistan

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Buraq AutoMate is producing premium quality car care products right here in Pakistan. We manufacture the complete range of car care products from raw material to finished consumer products.

We purchase raw materials from Karachi and Lahore. Product formulation, production, and quality control are managed at our facility in Lahore.

We sell our products on our online website and our Buraq AutoMate Daraz shop.

Affordable Prices

Since product formulation and production happens in Pakistan, our products are very economical compared to imported car care products. Our car care products prices are lowest in Pakistan since we believe in reasonable profits with quality products.

Our Products

We are manufacturing a complete range of car care products. From car cleaning products, car waxes, car protectants, and car perfumes. Below is the list of these products.

1- Car Interior Cleaner & Detailer

This Car Interior Cleaner and Detailer is a 2 in 1 product. It cleans and shines car interior surfaces like a plastic, car dashboard, rubber, and glass.
The best thing about this car interior cleaner & detailer is its mild formulation. Even with regular long-term use, it does not damage the car’s interior.

It is available in 450ml packing. You can keep it inside the car.

2- Car Interior Protectant & Polish

AutoMate Car Interior Protectant and Polish is used to protect car dashboard, vinyl and plastic parts from UV rays. It creates a protective layer on the surface that reflects the UV rays.

The product also contains polish, which removes the dullness, heals minor cracks, and brings shine.

3- Car Upholstery & Fabric Cleaner

Car fabric seat cleaning is a tough job if you don’t have a liquid vacuum suction machine.

To solve this problem we have formulated this self-drying fabric cleaner for cars. Simply spray the product on the fabric and rub it with a clean cloth. For some hard stains/marks, you may have to repeat the mentioned steps.

This product is also a mild formulation, which does not damage car fabric color and texture. It is also less soapy, so you don’t have to worry about the soap left in the fabric.

4- Car Air Fresheners

Buraq AutoMate is also producing car fragrances. Keeping in mind the temperature, humidity, and air quality in Pakistan, our car perfumes give you the best long-lasting fragrances.

All of our car perfumes are spray-based. So you don’t need to worry about self-evaporation even if your car is parked outside on a hot sunny day.

As per our tests and trials, three sprays a day are enough to keep your car fresh if you don’t smoke in your car.

5- Car Odour Remover & Eliminator

Due to poor air quality and the habit of smoking inside cars, car air filters quickly turn dirty. And the smoke of cigarettes sticks everywhere inside cars. At this level car air fresheners stop working.

To solve this issue, our car odour remover comes to help. By spraying this car smell remover all over the car interior, roof liner, car seats, and car doors you can get rid of bad smells inside your car.

For those who smoke in their car, we recommend you to use this product once a week. If you don’t smoke in your car, you should use this once a month.

Once all the bad smells are gone, car air fresheners and car perfumes will work as they should.

6- Car Wash & Wax Shampoo

AutoMate Car Wash & Wax Shampoo is 2 in 1 product. It cleans and shines your car in 1 step.

The shine level is not the same as any dedicated car wax. But it is far better than any regular car shampoo. If you use this shampoo on a black car, you will see the difference in shine before and after use.

Washing a car with a detergent is the destruction of the car’s clear coat. Detergents have strong cleaning action and are designed specially to wash clothes.

Washing your car with a hair shampoo also doesn’t work. Hair shampoos are designed for hair and human skin. They can’t efficiently clean and shine a painted metal surface.

Our specially formulated car shampoo does not produce a lot of foam, it focuses on cleaning and shining. This eventually leads to less usage of water.

7- Ceramic Car Wax Spray

Car waxes are the most complex formulation in the car care products line. We have achieved a balance formulation that gives ease of use with durable protection.

Buraq Automate ceramic car wax gives up to 8 car wash protection, which means the wax stays on the car body even after 8 times car wash. If you wash your car once a week, your car gets 2 months of protection from pollution, UV, and water.

This car wax does not require a lot of buffing after application. Simply apply the product to a 1x1 feet area and lightly buff to bring shine.

The chemicals in this car wax need 24 hours to complete their reactions with the car’s clear coat. After 24 hours, the applied wax is ready to protect your car body from pollution, water, and UV.

8- Car Engine Cleaner & Degreaser

Under the car bonnet, there is an engine, wires, sensors, and sensitive electronic equipment. Washing that area with water can be very dangerous at times.

To solve this issue we have AutoMate Car Engine Cleaner and Degreaser Spray. It’s a mixture of self evaporating mild chemicals, that have very good cleaning action.

This product cleans tough stains, oils, greasers, and yellowness on the engine parts. Since it evaporates slowly, you have enough time to clean and wipe.

You may find some stains tough to remove, for such stains you can use a brush to get help in cleaning.

9- Car Tire & Wheel Cleaner

Car tires cleaning requires a lot of rubbing with a hard brush. We have formulated this product to reduce the effort required to clean car tires.

It is a heavy-duty formulation. It cleans and brings out the original black color of tires in less time and effort.

Despite its high cleaning action, this car tires and wheel cleaner is safe for car tires and rims.

Spray this product on wheels and lightly rub it with microfiber and rinse with water.

10- Car Tire Polish & Protectant

Clean car tires need protection from dust, mud, and UV rays. Our tire polish and protectant adds an original tire look to your car’s old tires. It also protects tires from mud, chemicals, and cracks caused by UV rays.

Spray this product on the clean tires and apply it with microfiber. Once the polish is dried, remove the extra product with the help of a clean cloth.

11- Car Windshield & Glass Cleaner

Pollution and dust is a major problem in Pakistan. You will notice a lot of dust on your car even 15 minutes after the car wash. While driving on the road this problem increases.

To get a clear view of the road, a clean car windshield is very important. Adding any liquid soap or shampoo in the windshield water tank produces a lot of foam, which sticks to wiper rubber and the sides of the windscreen.

Adding alcohol, vinegar or an all-purpose cleaner may destroy the wiper rubber.

Our car windscreen and glass cleaner solve these issues. Its magic ingredients safely clean the windshield without creating a lot of foam and without damaging the wiper rubber.

12- Micro-Cut Car Polish

AutoMate Smart Polish B100 is designed to be used for minor paint correction. It removes minor swirls marks, dullness, and oxidized paint.

This polish should be applied and buffed with a polishing machine. The polished surface should be protected with car wax.

13- High Cut Car Polish

AutoMate Smart Polish B200 is designed to be used for major paint correction. If the car paint is heavily oxidized or has deep swirl marks, this product is the best selection for car paint polish.

Car polishing is a technical job, every time you apply a high cut polish you must use a minor cut polish after that. That’s the way of applying car polish.

This car polish also needs machine application and buffing for optimal results.

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